The B2B Content Marketing Agency That Drives Results

How do you predictably and consistently grow a B2B company?

Is it through:

Cold outreach

Paid ads

Affiliate network

Word of mouth

Influencer marketing

Well, all these channels work and can drive results for your B2B company.

That said, most of them aren’t scalable and usually stop working after sometimes in most cases.

For instance, cold outreach is a great way to get in front of potential customers.

That said, it could be annoying and might even lead to some prospects blocking and reporting you as spam.

That’s not all…

Once you stop sending cold emails, the likelihood of getting any clients or customers is slim.

In the same vein, paid ads are effective for driving results for B2B companies. 

But, running Ads usually costs an arm and a leg especially if you’re in a competitive niche.

And it might not work at all, if you’re on a budget.

Not only that…

As soon as you stop running ads, you won’t get prospects and leads for your company any longer.

This means that it’s a “pay-to-play” strategy. Once you stop paying for Ads, you shouldn’t expect any results.

  • What if I tell you that, there’s a better way to predictably grow your B2B company?
  • What if I show you how the likes of Hubspot, Intercom, Salesforce, Zapier, and Buffer have built a customer acquisition system that scales?
  • What if I explain to you how to attract leads for your B2B company on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

Sounds interesting?

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Content Marketing & SEO : The Hybrid Inbound Marketing Strategy For Growing B2B Companies

You need a combination of content marketing and SEO to grow a B2B company.

And it isn’t a surprise that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing according to a research by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs.

What this means is that, if you aren’t leveraging content marketing as a B2B company, you’re leaving so much on the table.

And there are various examples to show you how efficient content marketing is for a B2B company.

By leveraging SEO and content marketing, Zapier now generates over 1.1 million organic traffic visitors every single month, according to SEMrush.

Also, they rank for over 538,000 keywords on Google.

How did they do it?

By using a combination of content marketing and SEO to rank for keywords related to “app”.

Right now, they rank number 1 on Google for keywords such as:

  • To do list app
  • Time tracking app
  • Best journal app
  • Pdf editor app
  • Appointment scheduling app
  • Best task management app
  • Online meeting apps
  • Best calendar app for mac
  • Pomodoro technique app
  • Video meeting app
  • And so on

And from each blog post, they show readers how they can automate their tasks with each of the apps mentioned.

Take a look at the post about the best to do apps.

Here, they show readers different zaps that work with the Todoist integration.

That way, getting more people to sign up for their software.

First, Zapier uses SEO to rank for high-intent keywords on Google. 

Then, they convert website visitors to user signups and customers with content marketing.

This is just one example of a B2B company that uses content marketing and SEO to grow their company.

The Biggest Content Marketing Mistake That B2B Companies Make

Content marketing is a sustainable growth channel for B2B.


In fact, a recent research shows that 70% of B2B buyers consume content on a vendor’s website before making a buying decision.

But, most B2B companies approach content marketing the “wrong way”. 


They focus only on publishing new content on their website.

And care less about getting those pieces in front of the right audience.

So, they have a lot of content published on their website that no one knows if it exists. 

Yet, they continue publishing, hoping and praying that one day it gets found by their prospects.

Truth is…

Creating content and publishing them on your blog isn’t all that matters when planning an B2B inbound marketing strategy.

Most importantly, you should have a strategy to distribute the content and get it in front of your ICP, before it starts ranking on Google.

Else, you’ll keep spending hours every week to publish new content, without moving the needle “business-wise” and “revenue-wise” for your company. 

In the end, you’ll have nothing to show for the time and resources invested in content marketing.

This is where Your Content Mart can come in.

Create Once and Distribute Forever: The Underrated Tactic for Generating Inbound B2B Leads on Autopilot

If you want to get results from your B2B content marketing efforts, you need a mindset shift.

Guess what that is?


Treat each piece of content you create as an asset.

When you do, it becomes much easier to drive results that matter for your B2B company.

The reason is simple.

When you treat your content pieces as assets, you look for many ways to get the best out of it.

  • Don't publish that case study and allow it live on your website alone.
  • Be strategic about making sure that your prospects and potential customers see it.
  • Don't create that whitepaper and wonder if anyone will read it.
  • Promote it heavily on channels that your ICPs hang out on, so they can find it.
  • Don't work hard on that in-depth industry survey and confused about how industry stakeholders will discover it.
  • Share the snippets and highlights on social media channels.

And on and on.

Truth is…

The more you distribute any piece of content you create, the more it gets found by your target audience. 

That way, you stand a better chance of converting them into leads for your B2B company.

That’s exactly where we can help.

Your Content Mart is a result-driven content marketing agency. 

We help B2B companies generate high-quality traffic, MQLs, and SQLs through strategic content marketing. 

We’re not just a SaaS content writing agency. Our team of experts make sure that each piece of content we create gets found by your target audience, and drives valuable results for your company.

Expected Deliverables

Audience research

Competitor analysis and keyword research

Content calendar creation and management

Content production (Writing, editing, designing, and publishing)

Content distribution (Paid and non-paid)

Link building strategy map

Ongoing content audit and refreshing

Ongoing content management

Ongoing consultation and strategic advice

Want to Partner With a Full-service B2B Content Marketing Agency?

Look no further…

As you can see, our approach to B2B content marketing focuses on delivering results that matter for your business.

That said, we’re not a fit for every B2B company out there.

Here’s what you should know to confirm if working with Your Content Mart will make sense for your business right now.

Here’s what you should know to confirm if working with Your Content Mart will make sense for your business right now.

We’re a Probably a Good Fit if:

  • You want to make content marketing one of your primary growth channels (or major growth channel)
  • You believe in long-term, compounding, and sustainable growth.
  • You believe that content marketing is an investment in your business and not an expense.
  • You have the budget to hire us on an ongoing monthly retainer (For at least 4 months).
  • You’re willing to partner with us and implement our valuable and helpful suggestions.
  • You’ll allow us to handle all the moving parts involved in the content marketing process from start to finish.

We’re a Most Likely Not a Good Fit if:

  • You expect quick results overnight.
  • You don’t see any value investing in content marketing for your business.
  • You want to push us around without giving us the required autonomy.
  • You’re looking to work with an agency that’d create low-quality cheap content on a large scale.
  • You believe strongly in shady content marketing and SEO tactics, and want us to do the same.

Does this Sound Like What Your Company Needs Right Now?

If yes, let’s discuss how we can help your B2B company grow with content marketing.

Please note that full-service engagement starts at $4,000 per month.