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Jess Cook

Jess Cook

Head of Content, LASSO

“Thank you for the insightful post on ZSV keywords. Made me feel like I might actually know what I'm doing! Keep going with the amazing posts! It's been great learning from you here."

Jayanth Padmakumar

Jayanth Padmakumar

Freelance Copywriter

" I landed on your guide to Content Writing for SaaS companies through Google and just had to say your writing style is absolute 🔥. The amount of research and how you put it all together were amazing. I rarely look for the author and reach out immediately, but I was blown away :)

Tamsin Mariner

Tamsin Mariner

Director of Growth Marketing, Giide

“I signed up for your newsletter after coming across your article on pain-point content marketing on the PLG Slack channel. I was impressed with the practical examples you included and am looking forward to re-reading the article a couple of times!”

Emily Claypool HVL

Emily Claypool

Director of Marketing and Communications Harmony Ventures Labs

“My team and I truly enjoy all of your LinkedIn posts and newsletter and find value in the insights you share about B2B SaaS marketing.”

“ It's rare to find content marketers that just get it, but AbdulGaniy is definitely one of them. I would not hesitate to recommend working with or learning from him.”

-Ben Sailer

Dircctor of Inbound Marketing WordPress.com

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