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AbdulGaniy Shehu Your Content Mart

Meet AbdulGaniy Shehu | Your SaaS SEO Consultant

AbdulGaniy Shehu is the Founder and Head of Content at Your Content Mart. He helps SaaS startups acquire user signups from organic search using the ROI-driven SEO framework.

He also runs Beyond Traffic, a newsletter and podcast that shows how SaaS startups can use SEO to drive meaningful business results.

You’re Not Alone | Reviews
From SaaS Founders and Marketers

One of the Few Content Marketers That Gets It

AbdulGaniy is an excellent writer who is capable of delivering high-quality content that nails expectations without needing excessive direction. It's rare to find content marketers who just get it, but he's definitely one of them. I would not hesitate to recommend working with him.
Ben Sailer picture
Ben Sailer
Director of Inbound Marketing, WordPress.com

It’s Been Great Learning From You

Just wanted to say thank you again for your insightful post on ZSV keywords. Made me feel like I might actually know what I'm doing! Keep going with the amazing posts! It's been great learning from you here.
Jess Cook
Jess Cook
Head of Content, Marpipe

Helps Us Attract Potential Customers From Google

I work with AbdulGaniy Shehu because he and his team take a consultative and research-based approach to content marketing and strategy. One of the articles they wrote for us has been a top traffic source for our website in the last two years. In fact, the content upgrade currently has a 20% conversion rate. Work with them and be pleased!... I am!
Owen Mcgab Enahowo Profile Pic
Owen McGab Enaohwo
CEO & Co-founder, SweetProcess

Your SEO Recommendations Provide Exponential Value

We're seeing an uptick in organic traffic since we started working with your team. We've had a 46% increase in organic traffic Month over Month, which is way bigger than what we've seen before. In fact, one of your SEO recommendations at the very beginning of our engagement has helped us stay ahead of the curve of where the industry is going and provided exponential value for us.
Kate Balch
Kate Balch
Director of Marketing, Copysmith

Your Writing Style is Absolute 🔥

I landed on your guide to Content Writing for SaaS companies through Google and just had to say your writing style is absolute 🔥. The amount of research and how you put it all together were amazing. I rarely look for the author and reach out immediately, but I was blown away 🙂
Jayanth Padmakumar
Jayanth Padmakumar
Content Marketing Manager, DelightChat

Look Forward to Re-reading Your Article!

I signed up for your newsletter after coming across your article on pain-point content marketing on the PLG Slack channel. We’ve been working on use cases with a focus on what pain points we can solve for a specific user group, so the topic of the article drew me in. I was impressed with the practical examples you included and am looking forward to re-reading the article a couple of times!
Tamsin Mariner
Tamsin Mariner
Director of Growth Marketing, Giide

Definitely Knows His Shit

Been following AbdulGaniy Shehu for some time now, and he definitely knows his shit.
Aleks Miric
Co-founder, Welder

You Helped Us Hone Our Content Strategy

AbdulGaniy provided us with several highly actionable tips for honing our content strategy. He helped us refine our content’s search intent and also provided us with directions on where we could expand our SEO strategy, given our industry and our positioning in it. Highly recommend working with him!
Paras Dahal
Paras Dahal
Founder, Docdown

Discovered SEO Issues I Never Considered

AbdulGaniy conducted a video audit of Payzip and amongst the numerous recommendations, highlighted a couple of issues that I hadn’t considered before. A useful service with advice and issues explained thoughtfully and clearly.
Jaymie Thomas Payzip
Jaymie Thomas
Head of Marketing, Payzip

Frequently asked questions

When Will I Receive the SEO Strategy Audit?

The SEO strategy audit will be ready within 48 – 72 hours. However, if there would be any delay from our end, we’ll let you know.

Can You Help Non-English Sites?

At the moment, we don’t have the capacity to audit non-English websites.

Are There Some Industries You Don’t Help?

Yes, there are. Specifically, if your SaaS is in industries such as Casino, Gambling, etc., we won’t be able to audit it.

Can You Review a Website I Don’t Own?

No, we can’t. You must have a relationship with the company you want us to audit before we can do it.

Who Will Perform These Audits?

Our Founder AbdulGaniy Shehu, is the one performing all audits right now. If anything changes in future, we’ll definitely let you know.