SaaS Startups Office Hours With Corey Haines

Marketing Like a Media Company: The Simple Yet Effective Playbook for SaaS Startups.

Building a media company for your startup is the newest trend in marketing. However, only a few companies can sustain the momentum after a few months.

In the first edition of The SaaS Startups Office Hours with Corey Haines, you’ll learn:

  • Why it makes sense to market your SaaS startup like a media company.
  • Common mistakes that startups make when building a media company for their brand.
  • The playbook that’s proven to work for SaaS startups who have achieved success from this strategy.

Date:  Tuesday, 28th February 2023

Time: 12 pm - 1 pm EST 

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12 pm - 12:45 pm EST - Presentation

12:45 pm - 1 pm EST - Q&A.

Corey Haines is a marketer, entrepreneur, podcaster, and investor.

He was previously the Head of Growth at Baremetrics and the first marketing hire at Cordial.

Today, he’s building Swipe Files (a community for SaaS founders & marketers) and SwipeWell (a tool that helps you organize your swipe files).

In the last few years, he has consulted with dozens of startups on marketing and growth, including SavvyCal, Evercast, Riverside.fm, Holloway, Beamer, and Timetastic.

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