Content Marketing For SaaS | How We Generate High-quality Traffic And Increase User Signups For Our Clients

If you’re a SaaS business owner, chances are that you’re currently using or planning to implement content marketing as a strategy.

Here’s why…

There’s no better and effective way to reach your target audience without content marketing.

So, here is the exact framework and process that we use at our agency to generate high-quality and increase user signups for our SaaS clients.

QuattroFassi Content Marketing Framework | A Result-driven Approach For SaaS Companies

QuattroFasi Content Marketing Framework is our proprietary content marketing framework that is built on the idea that content marketing should help SaaS businesses get the results that matter to them. 

It’s made up of four (4) phases. And each phase consists of multiple steps that make it work.

Below are the 4 phases of the QuattroFasi content marketing framework.

  • Discovery phase
  • Creation phase
  • Distribution phase
  • Optimization phase

Before going into details of each phase in this framework and the steps that must be completed, here's an important thing you need to know.

We Focus On Results, Not Just "Content"

While a lot of SaaS content marketing agencies out there focus on helping you create content alone, we take it a step further.

We don't just create "content" for your SaaS business, rather, we help you get the results that matter for your business using content marketing.

What this means is that, we help you create SaaS content that'll move the needle "revenue-wise" and "business-wise" for your company.

So, instead of creating content and praying that it ranks on Google, we actually optimize each piece of content we create for your business for SEO.

Also, while some SaaS content marketing agencies just create content for you and that's all. Each piece of content we create for you at Your Content Mart, comes with a distribution and promotion plan.

Breakdown of The Phases and Steps That Make Up The QuattroFassi Content Marketing Framework

We follow these phases and steps to deliver outstanding results for SaaS brands and businesses.

  • Phase One: Discovery


    The discovery phase is the first and most important phase in our process.

    This is because it helps us have an idea of the kind of content we’re creating and who we’re doing it for.

    This phase consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Understanding The Ideal Audience


    If we don’t know who we’re creating content for, it’ll be difficult to achieve any results.

    For this step, which is usually a discovery session (or questionnaire), we ask a series of questions to understand the kind of audience we’re writing for.

    Some questions we ask at this stage include:


    • Who is your ideal target audience?
    • What keeps them up at night?
    • What problems does your audience face the most?
    • What solutions already exist that solve the problem you do?
    • How does your solution compare to other existing solutions?
    • And so on.
  • Step 2: Figuring Out The Exact Strategy to Follow


    After understanding your ideal audience, the next stage is to figure out the exact strategy to follow to achieve the results that matter for your business.

    For this step, it’s usually a questionnaire that we send to get more information on how to proceed.

    Some questions we ask at this stage include:


    • What marketing strategy(ies) have you explored in the past?
    • Which marketing channel do you think work most for your customers?
    • What’s your sales cycle like? How long does it take?
    • What stage do you think your prospects are about your products or services?
    • Aside from content marketing, do you think any other strategy works fine with your audience and why?
    • And so on
  • Step 3: Performing Keyword Research (Plus Creating Topic Clusters)


    This is the final step in the discovery phase.

    We use all the information you have provided to research keywords that your target audience will be interested in and most likely convert.

    For this, we start by using Google autosuggest with a combination of the Keywords Everywhere tool.

    We also make use of other SEO tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs for further insights.

    After the keyword research process, we prioritize the keywords to target based on the client’s short-term and long-term goals.

  • Phase Two: Creation


    The creation phase is critical.

    In this phase, we go into the nitty-gritty of creating the content and other things that are related to it.

    This phase consists of the following steps.

  • Step 4: Creating a SERP-based Outline For Each Keyword


    For each keyword we create content for, we start with a SERP-based outline.

    This is because we don’t want to create content that we think will perform, rather we want to create content that has proven to perform and rank over time.

    Some of the tools we use to make this happen include Google, Frase, Surfer SEO, Topic, and so on.

  • Step 5: Finding Supporting Information To Make the Content Stand Out


    We follow a research-based and data-backed approach to content marketing.

    And we’ve found out that doing this actually makes our content rank higher and help our clients get the best results too.

    This is why we make sure that we find supporting information that will make our content stand out in the SERPs before we even start creating the content.

    Some of these supporting information include:


    • Original research
    • Expert’s insights
    • Customer reviews
    • Recent data
    • And so on.
  • Step 6: Creating Content that Matches Search Intent


    Search intent is an important yet underrated tactic for ranking on the SERPs.

    By creating content that matches the search intent, you’re solving the audience’s pain points and helping the search engines to rank your content better.

    This is why we ensure that any piece of content we create at our agency matches the search intent.

    To do this, we use tools such as Google, Frase, Surfer SEO, and so on.

  • Step 7: Creating Valuable Images To Spice Up The Content


    User experience is now more important than ever.

    That way, readers can stay long on your page(s) and not leave immediately after stumbling on it.

    One of the ways, we create a great user experience for our clients is through the accompanying visuals for each piece of content we create.

    This includes; customized screenshots, images, infographics, animated videos, video screen shares, and so on.

    We use tools such as Canva, Visme, Venngage to make this work.

  • Step 8: On-page SEO Optimization


    Our job isn’t half done if the piece of content we create isn’t optimized for search engines (especially Google).

    Without it, generating organic traffic will be an illusion.

    This is why we make sure that any content we create is correctly optimized to rank high on Google.

    We use tried-and-true on-page optimization tactics to make this happen.

    We also use some tools such as Rank Math, Surfer SEO, SEMrush Writing Assistant in this case.

  • Step 9: Making The Content Conversion-driven


    Our primary goal at our agency is to create content that generates high-quality traffic and increase user signups for our clients.

    To achieve this, each piece of content must be created with the ultimate goal of converting the reader into a lead, and eventually a customer for the company.

    That’s why we introduce conversion elements within the content, to achieve the results we envisage for our clients.

    Some of the conversion elements we introduce in the content include:


    • Product-led storytelling within the piece of content
    • Content upgrades
    • Email newsletter signups
    • Product walkthroughs
    • And so on
  • Step 10: Editing & Proofreading


    This is the final step in our Creation Phase.

    At Your Content Mart, we make sure that every piece of content we publish on your website is epic and add values to your readers.

    For this to happen, the piece must meet our editorial requirements (plus any specific requirements) that you might have as our client.

    We have our trained in-house editors and proofreaders who go over each piece to make sure that they meet our standards.

    They check the content quality, voice, and flow.

    Aside from our editors and proofreaders, we also make use of proofreading and editing tools such as Hemmingway editor and Grammarly.

  • Phase Three: Distribution


    Once the awesome content has been created and approved by our clients, the next step is to share it with the world.

    Of course, there’s a lot of noise out there, we implement distribution and promotion strategies that make your piece stand out.

    Below are the specific steps that we take in the distribution phase.

  • Step 11: Formatting & Publishing On Your Preferred CMS


    This is the first step in our distribution phase.

    If the content isn’t published on any Content Management System (CMS), there is no way it can appear on the web and be promoted. 

    Though we prefer working with WordPress CMS, if you use anyone in-house, we’ll be happy to study and help you format and publish your posts there.

    And if you prefer to do the publishing in-house, that works fine with us as well.

  • Step 12: Social Media Promotion With a Twist


    After hitting the publish button, one of the strategies we use to promote your content is on social media.

    We don't blatantly share links to your post on social media, rather we take a different approach entirely. 

    Our preferred approach to promoting your content on social media is to add value to the existing audience on each platform.

    We create targeted posts for each platform and share them there.

    Some of the social media promotion tactics we use include:


    • Posting on your personal and company’s profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter (If you have multiple employees willing to share your content, that’s okay)
    • Posting on relevant niche Facebook groups
    • Posting on relevant niche Slack groups
    • And so on
  • Step 13: Establishing Authority on Relevant Forums


    We look for niche relevant forums for your industry and establish authority there by adding value to the audience.

    This could be by answering questions related to the piece we just published for you, posting valuable content, and so on.

    Some of the forums we explore include:

    • Quora
    • Subreddits
    • Hacker News
    • Growth Hackers
    • Zest
    • And so on
  • Step 14: Link Building Strategy Roadmap


    Even though we’re not a link building agency, we have helped some of our clients develop a roadmap that has helped them acquire backlinks on top websites such as Clickup, TimeDoctor, Helpscout, Noupe, FormAssemby, Moosend, Venngage, SocialPilot, ReferralCandy, Landingi, and so on. 

    And that’s exactly the same roadmap we’ll be sharing with you.

    With our link building strategy roadmap; you’ll be able to:


    • Acquire relevant backlinks naturally
    • Get featured on top publications
    • Land guest posting opportunities
    • Collaborate with other SaaS business owners
    • And so on
  • Step 15: Paid Ads Strategy for Amplification and Conversions


    Paid Ads, if used well is a great strategy for amplifying your relevant posts, reach a wider audience with your SaaS, and convert them into leads/customers.

    The downside is that paid ads are expensive and the results don’t compound over time.

    That said, if you have the budget, we highly recommend that you go for it.

    We'll provide you with the strategy that works for SaaS businesses as far as paid ads are concerned.

    We’ll also share with you the specific platforms you should use for paid ads, the pages that you should run ads to, and how to maximise your profits from the strategy.

  • Phase Four: Optimization


    This is the final phase in the QuattroFasi Content Marketing Framework.

    With phases 1-3, you should have a pretty solid content that’s ready to take on your biggest competitors and the highest-ranking pages in the SERPs. 

    That said, because we deeply care about your company and its growth at our agency, we take it a step further.


    This final phase includes the following steps:

  • Step 16: Content Performance & Review


    At this stage, your content is now on the web and most likely generating traffic and user signups. That said, we don’t just set and forget it like that.

    Rather, we check to confirm its performance so far (traffic-wise and conversion-wise) and most likely review it.

    This step usually happens at least one month after your content has been published and promoted using our strategy.

    Some of the tools we use to check the performance of content and see likely areas to improve include:


    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • SurferSEO
    • Hotjar
    • Smartlook
  • Step 17: Monthly Tracking Report


    We’re not a SaaS Content Marketing Agency that will leave you to track and measure things on your own.

    Rather, we collaborate to set up the metrics that matter for your business, track and measure them too.

    We also provide you with a monthly tracking report showing exactly what works, areas that need improvement, and so on.

  • Step 18: Bi-annual Content Audit & Refreshing


    We understand that auditing and refreshing content is critical if you want to continue ranking high on Google.

    While a lot of companies do not audit and refresh their old pieces of content, it is something that matters to our agency.

    That’s why we audit and refresh any piece of content we’ve created every six months.

    Depending on the content’s performance, some of them might require minor changes, others might require major changes.

Owen McGab Enaohwo

AbdulGaniy and his team take a consultative and research-based approach to content marketing. First, they try to understand what the content needs to be, who the content speaks to and the pains and problems they want to solve by reading your content. That way, they create content that is much much better... better than what you wanted. Work with them and be pleased!... I am!

John Cordray

AbdulGaniy is a leading expert in Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you're looking to generate more leads for your SaaS business of any size, I highly recommend him and his team!

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