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The 1KS Blueprint Will Show You How to Acquire 1,000 SaaS Signups With SEO

Learn proven SEO strategies to drive qualified traffic, acquire more signups, and grow MRR for your SaaS startup.

The 1KS Blueprint

This Will Put Your SaaS Startup On The Right Track

Speaking as someone with experience working within a successful SaaS startup, I can confirm that what AbdulGaniy has compiled here will put you on the right track.

There's so much to know and learn in this space that even getting started can feel overwhelming, but with this guide, you can know you're getting started on the right foot.

Ben Sailer
Director of Inbound Marketing, WordPress.com

Ben Sailer

Here is what to expect from this 5-part training series:

  • A specific SEO strategy that you can try for your SaaS startup.
  • Why it works really well for SaaS startups like yours.
  • Example(s) of SaaS brands that have leveraged each SEO strategy to grow. 
  • How to implement the same to grow your SaaS startup.
  • Additional resources you can learn from.

I Was Impressed With The Practical Examples!

I signed up for your newsletter after coming across your article on pain-point content marketing on the PLG Slack channel. We’ve been working on use cases with a focus on what pain points we can solve for a specific user group, so the topic of the article drew me in. 

I was impressed with the practical examples you included and am looking forward to re-reading the article a couple of times!

Tamsin Mariner
Director of Growth Marketing, Giide

Some Reviews

Jess Cook LinkedIn

“Just wanted to say thank you again for your insightful post on ZSV keywords. Made me feel like I might actually know what I'm doing!”

Jess Cook 

Head of Content & Comms at Island

Chris Tweten

“Great starting point for SaaS founders looking for their first 1,000 signups”

Chris Tweten

CMO, SpacebarCollective

Aazar Ali Shad

“This is the MOST comprehensive Content ROI-Led guide for early-stage SaaS founders.”

Aazar Ali Shad

Growth Marketing Consultant

“I have been reading your newsletters, and you are doing a great job”

Tanmay Ratnaparkhe

Founder , Predis.Ai

“Been following AbdulGaniy Shehu for some time now and he definitely knows his shit.”

Aleks Miric

Co-founder, Welder

“These tactics are going to come in handy for many startup founders.”

Al Khan

Founder, CloudDev

Meet Your SaaS SEO Consultant | AbdulGaniy Shehu

AbdulGaniy Shehu is the Founder and Head of Content at Your Content Mart.

He helps SaaS startups acquire user signups from organic search using the ROI-driven SEO framework.

He also runs SaaS SEO Insights, a newsletter that shows how SaaS startups can unlock SaaS growth with proven SEO insights.